zo okt 20, 2019

Nicely driven guitars, indie-rock with a great diversity.

Moonradio sounds like the Danish bands Saybia and Kashmir and their distinctive sounds. Add a bit of extra bass and you’re not far from what to expect. One can hear the band got their routine down! 

Pop, Electronic beats, they're Out of Space Rockers.

MOONRADIO is steaming rock with our feet in the mud. Sometimes rough and profuse, sometimes unassuming, but always with an energetic liveshow.

MOONRADIO played different venues in the Netherlands, Belgium and end 2011 they went for a short tour to Pitesti, Romania.

MOONRADIO is Richard Aeilkema [leadvocals], Otto Overeem [drums], Gerco Mons [rhythmguitar], Geert-Jan Mulder [keys], Eddy van der Veen [bassguitar], Jan van Veen [sologuitar], André Venema [Sound-engineer].

Be like the Moon, reflect the Sun!